There is a huge need to learn about the impact of the COVID-19 on the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services in the Pacific region. The Editorial Team of the PJRH is putting together an article that is comprised of short case reports of cases and or how the pandemic has affected care in communities and populations. The dangers of increasing perinatal and maternal mortality and morbidity remains real as we embrace sporadic cases across the few Pacific countries and the uncertainties created in those who do not have the infection. Prof Caroline Homer and the editorial team is putting this together. Please email your case reports to or   

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Context is a key factor to incorporate successful strategies to fulfill unmet family planning needs and increase usage. This small study revealed significant barriers to contraceptive use were linked to where and how family planning service is delivered. The service would benefit from greater attention to the cultural context, gender and privacy issues. Services in Pacific Island countries may also benefit from the lessons learnt in Solomon Islands.

Original Research

Barriers and enablers to using contraceptives for family planning at Atoifi Hospital, East kwaio, Solomon Islands

Relmah Harrington, Michelle Redman MacLaren, Nichole Harvey, Mike Puia, Karen Carlisle, Sarah Larkins