Dudley Gentles Jacinta Fa'alili-Fidow Amanda Dunlop Mary Roberts Amio Ikihele Teuila Percival Vili Nosa


Background: The TAPUAKI programme aimed to improve Pacific women’s, their partners and families’ knowledge and confidence about pregnancy and parenting so they can make informed choices about their health and that of their infants. The programme consisted of six two-hour blocks of antenatal classes run over six consecutive weeks.

Aim: To evaluate the TAPUAKI programme for the effectiveness and delivery of its curriculum to pregnant mothers.

Methods: Both paper survey questionnaires and focus group interviews (talanoa) were used for the evaluation. Out of 32 participants who attended the TAPUAKI programme, 13 agreed to take part in the evaluation (a response rate of 41%). There were 3 sites (from 2013-2014) where the programme was piloted: Henderson, Onehunga and Otara. The 13 participants were Samoan, Cook Islands Māori or Tongan ethnicity, all aged between 17 and 40 years old.  In addition, there were 2 female facilitators at each site who delivered the curriculum. All six facilitators agreed to take part in the evaluation.  

Findings: Participants reported that their knowledge about pregnancy and parenting had increased as a result of the programme. Specifically, these topics were nutrition, giving birth, breastfeeding and safe sleeping practices. The programme helped to change some incorrect practices and beliefs that were held by those participants who already had children.

Conclusion: The TAPUAKI programme increased the women’s knowledge and confidence about pregnancy and parenting. 


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